Computer Course


School University lndustry Tie-Up Scheme (SUITS) is the computer science programmes which create a new path in school education for skilling children on computer science. lt is a collaborative programme with five organizations. SUITS offers computer science programmes which sow’s the seeds of information technology in the young minds enabling them to emerge
out as the future Scientists, lT Applicants and Teihnoiogists. lt empowers and imparts confidence in the minds of the school students by providing University Certification. SUTTS fill the gap in our educational system, viz., lack of opportunities for promoting entrepreneurship
among the students. lt promotes the schools as flexible skill development training centers for empowering the students with employable skills.


  • To offer SUITS for sowing the seed orrl’uture scientists,lT applicants and technologists in the young minds.
  • To make the school students sound encugh in boosting their morale through providing university’s certification.
  • To make the schools as flexible skill-base dtraining centres for enriching the current student’s employable.


  • Strong foundation to become a software programmer.
  • Enriched lT knowledge in a more practicalway.
  • Valid certificate for the career development.

Programmes offered:

6th std-Certificate in office Automation
7th std- Certificate in Graphic Design
8th std- Certificate in Web design
9th Std- Certificate in 2D animation

Examination and University Certification:

Question Papers will be sent by IECD for Quarterly, l”lalf-yearly & Model Examinations in advance for conducting the respective examinations for the students.


The final examination of the Programmes(Both Theory & Practical) will be conducted by the I ECD during February/March.


Results will be published during March/April every year. The university rank holders in each programme i.e. up to Ten ranks and first rank holders in each programme by participating school wise will be honored with the Medals/Certificates.